[OBIEE Issue] OBIEE 11g Deinstall Q&A

In order to get rid of the failed installation of the my last OBIEE 11G installation with the simple install. I performed the following tasks:( The reason that I did not use the uninstall wizard is there existed failure during my last installation and prevented the uninstall wizard from working correctly. I will cover the regular uninstall procedure after this.)

After that, I tired to install obiee 11g from the installation wizard again and when it came to the RCU configuration page.I encountered the following error:

INST-08020: One or more entries are found in HSS_COMPONENT table.
— A new schema must be used in order to install successfully.

Reason: When you conducted the simple install, you also had to point to the BIPLATFORM and MDS schemas. These schema tables get populated with the first installation attempt and succeeded. If you want to reinstall the software to enterprise install. You have to drop the BIPLATFORM and MDS Schemas created by the RCU install. Those schemas can only contain one OBI installation at a time unless you changed the prefix (ie: DEV_,QA_,PROD_,etc.) of the schemas if you had the RCU a second time against that same database.

Solutions: If you want to use the same database, then drop the schema firstly using the wizard and then manually delete the corresponding tablespaces. (ie: DEV_BIPLATFORM.dbf, DEV_MDS.dbf,etc)

Appendix: The regular uninstall procedure (Condition: Last install should be successfully completed)

1. Run the deinstall script and select the Deinstall instances managed by a WebLogic domain option.
* open terminal, go to /Oracle_BI1/oui/bin
* run deinstallation script:

$ ./runInstaller.sh -deinstall

1. Welcome
* next
2. Select Deinstallation Type
* select Deinstall ASInstances…
3. Specify Weblogic Domain Detail
* domain host:
* domain port: 7001
* username: weblogic
* password: weblogic1
4. Select Managed Instance
* select instance1, all become checked.
5. Deinstallation Summary
* save deinstallation configuration to: (You could save this information for debugging purpose)
* Deinstall
6. Deinstallation Progress
* no errors
7. Deinstallation Complete
* Success, click finish

* verify success of script by going to the instances folder and making sure it doesn’t contain the instances that were deleted

2. Stop all Oracle Business Intelligence processes and servers, including all OPMN-controlled components and JEE components.
* Go to http://:7001/em then click core application under the business intelligence folder. Stop the components.
* Components already stopped
3. Drop the Metadata Services (MDS) and Business Intelligence Platform (BIPLATFORM) schemas using RCU.
* on my desktop load the rcu: C:\ofm_rcu_win_11.\rcuHome\BIN\rcu.bat
note: make sure all components are stopped otherwise errors will occur. opmnctl stopall
1. Welcome
2. Drop Repository
3. Database Connection Details
* database type: oracle database
* host name:
* port: 1521
* service name:
* username: sys
* password: *******
* role: sysdba
4. Select Components
* select DEV (note: it might be a different name according to your installation)from the drop down menu
* four check marks automatically on:
1. AS Common Schemas
2. Metadata Services
3. Oracle Business Intelligence
4. Business Intelligence Platform
* ok, ok
5. Summary
* drop
6. Completion Summary
* sucess, close
4. Run the deinstall script and select the Deinstall Oracle Home option.

$ cd /Oracle_BI1/oui/bin
$ ./runInstaller.sh -deinstall

1. Welcome
* next
2. Select Deinstallation Type
* select Deinstall Oracle Home…
3. Deinstall Oracle Home
* save response file to:(save to somewhere for further use, it is optional)
* deinstall
4. Deinstallation Progress
* yes, delete directory after deinstall
5. Deinstallation Complete
* finish

5. Deinstall the Oracle Common home manually or by running the deinstall script that it contains.

* If you installed Oracle Business Intelligence using the Simple or Enterprise Install type,
you can fulfill this requirement by specifying the JDK directory that was created by
Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Installer in the Middleware home.

$ cd /oracle_common/oui/bin
$ ./runInstaller.sh -deinstall -jreLoc /usr/java

1. Welcome
2. Deinstall Oracle Home
* save response file: (save to somewhere for further use, it is optional)
* deinstall
3. Deinstallation Progress
* yes to delete the directory after deinstall
4. Deinstallation Complete
* finish

6. Use the Oracle WebLogic Server uninstaller to uninstall WebLogic Server.

$ cd /wlserver_10.3/uninstall
run the shell script : /utils/uninstall/uninstall.sh

7. Remove the Middleware home (if necessary). If you have done enterprise install, then remove the foundation domain home as well.

* Delete all remainding files/directories

8 End of the instruction.