[OBIEE Issue] How to remotely connect to online RPD

Step 1. Set up your system DSN. Go to “Start” at the left corner of your windows system and click to expand the panel. And then click “Control Panel” on the right.

Step 2. Click “Administrative Tools“, and then click “Data Sources (ODBC)” .

Step 3. Click “System DSN” and then click “Add” to add a new one.

Step 4. Choose “Oracle BI Server” as the driver.Note: Once you install the 10g OBIEE package which by default would include the driver installation.Step 5. Fill in the Server name (this one would show up when you use admin tool to remotely connect to the online rpd) and IP address where your remote rpd locates on. Then click “Next“.Step 6. On this page, type the Login ID as your rpd Admin login id. By default it should be “Administrator“. And the Password should be remote rpd login password. I would check the last box marked in red to make a trial connection to the remote rpd and make sure this connection is valid. Then click “Next“.

Step 7. If you could see this page ¬†with the remote subject areas showing up , in this case (Sample 1 and Sample 2 are the two subject areas on my remote rpd). Then this DSN is valid. Then click “Finish“.Step 8. Go to your admin tool and then click the blue folder button for opening online rpd. Then on the pop-up window, it lists all the DSNs available. Choose the one you just created and type the rpd password. Then you could be able to login to your remote rpd.