[OBIEE Issue] Roll back Selection Security to be Enable

Recently, I was asked about a question that how to roll back the Selection Security to be Enable again.

It looks like on the Dashboard Properties page, you could change the Selection Security from Enable as shown by the graph above to the two new icons below which offer more flexibility of setting up the selection permission.

 The question is how to roll it back. It seems there is no way to roll it back to Enable on the same configuration page.


In order to roll back the change, you need to go to the catalog  Manager and navigate to Shared -> Shared folder name (eg: BI Framework) -> _Portal

Go under _portal folder and find the dashboard folder that the change was made. You would see there is one extra folder called _selections and  one extra attribute file _selections.atr

Delete these two items and restart BI Server. You would see the Enable link is restored back!